Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bag - A Sewvivor Post

Let's start at the beginning.

Sewvivor challenge #2:

A bag. Hmmm, lets get clever Jess. Like outside the box. {brainstorming} What do you think no one else would do?- So, a sleeping bag was on the agenda.Yup, a sleeping bag with a full on tent just for the photo shoot- coolest idea ever. My kid was on board for the best twinsies pajamas, smores, photo shoot ever. All of it!  Except it was a HUGE FAIL- I mean I cut out fabric and pieced blocks together that took a whole day to finish. A WHOLE DAY!!! So, whatcha gonna do, right?? Make a bag. That was the point after all! A bag that anyone can rock and by anyone, I mean anyone! (Pattern by Handmade Therapy)

I busted out my Heather Ross/Munki Munki stash and got to sewing. Heather Ross/Munki is one of my favorites to sew with. I love all of her awesome prints! So I broke out my slim stash and got to sewing. I wanted to do something different and thought pairing my HR/Munki with some denim was something cool that I have never seen before. So...

In all transparency I felt like my original photo shoot sucked. I was mega bummed. But, I had a family obligation in downtown Portland, so on a whim took my bag- who knows, right? It rocked!! I asked some random strangers to pose with my bag. All but one said yes!! It was awesome!!! I met so many amazing people, it was one of the best opportunities ever!! And, they all ROCKED it!!

It ruled! Like serious. These peeps were awesome! It was not only rewarding to make a bag that I've never tackled before, but the people. The people- they made this challenge even better. They took me so far out of my comfort zone. They gave me praise for my bag not even knowing what it was (HR/Munki heeeelllllooooo?), or the time it took, or the anything. It was the best. The best challenge, the best stretch, the best everything! If this is as far as I come in this competition- I'm so pleased with it. I'm grateful for the people who appreciate handmade. The people who want to support, who give me joy by just rocking it! Isn't that what it's all about? Just sewing. Sewing to bring people joy with what my hands can create. Making them smile. Making others happy. Those random people, that I will never see again gave me what I was hoping to bring to them - Joy in craft. Joy in handmade. Joy in sharing. That's the most rewarding feeling ever.

Happy belated birthday Jen- I pray this bag brings you as much joy as it's brought to me!! I'm so thankful to call you my friend!



  1. What a great bag! I love the idea of the photo shoot (expecially the tattoo guy ;) )

  2. So yeah, i'll just email you my addy and you can go on and send this right over. Please. Pretty please?
    Not working is it? So gorgeous, i love all the HR paired with the denim, just perfect!

  3. Love the stranger photo shoot. Great idea :) Looks awesome. Isn't it scary using the special stash...

  4. Absolutely LOVE this bag! I hope you go to the next round. And, your fearless attitude and ability to change plans and come up with something different when Plan A didn't work out, are definitely what I like the best. It is all about attitude and how we roll with what comes at us.