Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Busy Little Bumble Bee...

Pretty quiet on the sewing front around here... I only managed to finish the "Stellar" quilt. I adore it so so much. I do think it's my all time bestest quilt I've ever made! For those that don't know, Lizzy House is my all time favorite designer. I think Constellations is my favorite line yet, but I do say that after every new Lizzy release! (Have you seen CatNap yet?? Those mice)! Anyway, on to the show:

I made a paper-pieced star block on the top right, and placed a heart inside. I felt red binding would work well with the red heart, and I'm very glad I decided to do so- It looks perfect! In my opinion anyway :)

I also threw in some yellow to balance things out a bit.

This quilt was very much inspired by a song that I LOVE entitled Stellar by Daddy's Groove (bad word warning). The lyrics are just simple yet mean so much. 

It's been pretty busy in my neck of the woods lately. We are headed to Oregon in 2 weeks!! I've packed, moved stuff out, had a garage sale, looked for a new place, seeking renters for our current place, and still made a little bit of time to sew! WHEW- I'm pretty pooped, but there is still a ton to do. I'm going to miss California, but my family and I are elated to start a new chapter of our lives in good 'ol Portland! It's going to be so awesome- I can feel it!!

This past weekend was my last San Diego Modern Quilt Guild meeting. These girlies are amaze-balls! I was super stoked to find a Modern Quilt Guild in my area and connect with others who shared my same interests/hobbies! They will surely be missed!!

Off I go... thanks for visiting. :)

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  1. You will so be missed, all your inspiration and coolness, and kindness... Only constellation (pun intended), will be to see you in blog land.... And we will have happy thoughts that you will be joining the Portland MQG.... :)