Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Cherry Christmas Quilt

Here it is- nice and fresh from the dryer!
I'm pretty stoked on myself for finishing 3 seasonal quilts!

and now

I just adore all of Aneela Hoey's beautiful fabrics for Moda. And this one may be my favorite next to Little Apples

I used the Katie Quilt Pattern by For the Love. I just adore it! It was super quick and very simple!
I'm kind of sick of stippling as of late and really would love to learn/try new quilting designs, so I winged it on this one. I tried some loopy-loops. It didn't "crinkle" as much as I'd hoped, but it works. I just LOVE a crinkly quilt!

Aside from sewing Christmas gifts, I've been working on this awesome Chopsticks quilt. This pattern, by Miss Julie Hartman, has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. The cutting took ages only because I opted to use a ton of different prints. And I'm pretty proud that I did not duplicate any fabric in this one! It makes a great i-spy kinda quilt! The top is completed and I am dying to baste and quilt it, but sadly have to put it on the back burner- BOOOOO!

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  1. Jessica that is darling! And I'm pretty stoked on you too. I wish I had made 3 holiday quilts this year!